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    The Importance of Color for Your Business Sign in Nashville

    Effective business sign design requires careful consideration of several different elements. Font, font size, sign dimensions, and even images can mean the difference between a successful sign that draws in new customers, and one that falls short.

    One of the most critical elements of a sign is color. There have been many studies performed that show how people psychologically react to different colors. Did you know that colors can actually subconsciously affect the behavior of a person and influence how they act and think? There’s a reason many fast food restaurants use red and yellow colors (we will get to that later). This phenomenon is called the “Psychology of Color”. 


    It’s interesting and important to note that different cultures experience different emotions when viewing the same color. For example, red in China is associated with luck and joy, while in America, we consider red to be intense and exciting. We’ve compiled a list as to what the various colors mean and when you should use them to make your signs even more successful.



    Black represents power, intelligence, and stability. It’s an authoritative color that’s sometimes viewed as unknown or mysterious. Use the color black if you’re trying to create an air of mystery or suspense. It should be noted that black can be viewed as intimidating if it’s the dominant color of a sign. 



    Flashy. Angry. Fast. Fast-food restaurants and retail stores alike will use it in their signage to promote a sense of urgency when promoting their quick service or sales. Red can even increase blood pressure and heart rates which is what makes it an excellent choice for signs that need to express passion, excitement, or urgency.


    Orange and Yellow

    Happy. Cheerful. Bright. They convey a sense of warmth, clarity, and optimism. Subway, Best Buy, McDonald’s, Moe’s, and more incorporate these two colors in their signage and branding.

    Certain shades of orange may lead some people to feel a heightened sense of anxiety or nervousness, so orange and yellow are particularly useful in signage that promotes impulse buys. 



    Fresh. Natural. Pure. The color green makes people think of trees, nature, and grass and is most often used by companies who want to associate their brands with nature and purity. Health-based businesses and environmental groups will often use green to create a healthy, emotional connection to their products or services.

    Green can also help stimulate the brain and prevent procrastination. It’s an excellent color for signs and printed materials that have a deadline or time-sensitive information. 



    Peace. Tranquility. Water. The color blue has a calming effect upon the human brain and can help offer a sense of security and encourage productivity.

    Restaurants can use the color blue to promote a sense of trust, but must keep in mind that it can also be associated with a limited appetite, so it needs to be used wisely when used in close proximity of menu or menu boards. 



    Respect. Provenance. Creativity. Purple is a regal color that many creative agencies will use in their signage and logos. High-end fashion brands will often use purple to denote exclusivity and a high-quality factor for their products. Purple is a great complementary color for jade green, turquoise, gold, and red.


    Design Elements

    While the colors themselves are important, the contrast and shades of the colors that you use should also be taken into consideration. If you’re using multiple colors, they need to complement each other or people’s eyes can easily get strained when viewing a sign with colors that clash. Or it may not get their attention at all. 

    A color wheel is a useful tool that can help sign designers pick colors that will complement one another. This will also allow the reader to focus on a particular area of the sign, such as the call-to-action. Darker shades of color work well when signs have a lot of information. Brighter shades of color can give off an energetic feel, which can lead to a faster response from consumers.


    Sign Design in Nashville

    At Nashville Signs Inc., we’ve helped countless companies with their sign design and creation as a trusted sign company in Nashville, TN. Contact us today to learn more about our sign services and how we can incorporate the right colors into your design!


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